Colegio privado bilingüe en Sevilla que combina tradición, tecnología e innovación.


Yago School is a private, lay, co-educational School offering places for pupils from age of 0 right through to Secondary and Baccalaureate.

Yago School is a pioneering brand in education that has always encompassed tradition and innovation. It started life in Dublin in 1979 with an original and unique approach to education: teaching the Spanish curriculum in an English-speaking environment, in order to provide students with a high degree of bilingualism and immersion in a culture different from their home countries.


Due to the recession in the 90s the schools were unable to remain open, but the 15,000 students from various countries who have passed through their halls still have fond memories of their education and are proud of the "Y" imprint of Yago School style they have to this day. Some of those same students, along with an excellent team of professionals, now comprise the teaching and managerial staff of the new Yago School in Seville.

Since the beginning, and still today, Yago School's principles have been built on five educational pillars: traditional values, bilingualism, sports, music and new technologies. Five bases that, combined with demanding academic training, provide our students with an extremely solid foundation with which to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

Most important are the traditional values, ​​so necessary in today's society, of respect, discipline, effort, autonomy, tolerance, responsibility, friendship and solidarity which are prerequisites for the students' optimum approach to learning. Without these, knowledge is never completely achieved; therefore, for us education begins by addressing these essential humanistic qualities first.

This website is intended to express our commitment to that way of understanding education in the broadest and most comprehensive sense, and our enthusiasm and passion for what our educational style represents.

Along with the strong support of our parents, we nurture those elements that, more than ever, our society demands: solid traditional values, a bilingual, cosmopolitan environment and the best cutting-edge education. Welcome to Yago School and let us show you our appreciation of your interest that brings you to our School.



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